Going Green

Environmentally Friendly Insulations


Established in 1986, Icynene Inc. is the leading manufacturer of open-cell foam insulation products that are designed to help create Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® environments. Icynene® is the insulation of choice for green building around the world, setting a standard for energy performance, comfort and reduced greenhouse gas emissions. Click here for the NAHB Green Approved Products listing for Icynene.

Go Green with Icynene®

Homeowners today are increasingly aware that the choices they make impact their health, safety, comfort and pocket book as well as the welfare of their community and the natural environment.  Homeowners understand that a Green home equates to a safe, durable, healthy and efficient home.

Icynene® is an example of Green building product that pays homeowners numerous dividends – both short term and long term.  As energy costs rise, you can bank on the fact that your lower heating and cooling costs will become and important resale feature.  Green upgrades, such as Icynene®, contribute significantly to higher home resale values.  The Appraisal Journal conducted studies that demonstrated the increasing value a home garners by becoming more energy efficient.  Including energy efficient upgrades as part of your home improvements can increase the value of your home by approximately $20 for every $ reduction in annual utility bills.