Charleston, South Carolina

Southern Foam & Coating Insulation

Southern Foam & Coating, Inc. has been spraying foam in Charleston, SC since 1999.  We were the first company in the area doing this type of work.  While everyone else in Charleston was installing traditional fiberglass we were putting in the best insulation available, spray foam insulation.  Charleston seems to be growing more and more every year. Going green has been a big topic over the past few years and Icynene spray foam is the way to go.  Icynene does not shrink and doesn’t have to be reinstalled every 10 + years.  SFC installs spray foam insulation in new homes and existing homes.  The unique composition and performance of the spray foam makes it possible for a builder to construct a new building that is healthier quieter and more energy-efficient, and it could be used to replace old and far less efficient insulation in existing buildings.  Icynene acts as both an insulation and air barrier system to effectively seal the building envelope.  Its air-sealing capability means that Icynene locks out dust, allergens and other outdoor pollutants.  When combined with proper mechanical ventilation, building occupants gain more control over the quality of the indoor air they breathe.  And, with mold and moisture problems on the rise, Icynene’s air-sealing properties can minimize moisture transport through the building envelope and the potential for mold growth and mildew.

Southern Foam has partnered with a local office to ensure the best spray foam insulation available. Call (843) 871-0844 for a FREE estimate through the local Gale Contractor Services office.

Icynene® manufactures its products to create Healthier, Quieter, More Energy Efficient® indoor environments and highly advanced green buildings. Icynene’s products are suitable for steel- or wood- framed residential or commercial construction.

Southern Foam & Coating, Inc. has been in business since 1999. Our company’s main focus is on providing our customers with quality products and excellent service.

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