Gainesville / Atlanta, Georgia

Established in 2003, Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia – Spray Foam Insulation became one of the first Icynene Spray Foam Insulation dealers located North Georgia. The founder, Carmen Torrey, has over 30 years experience in the building industry, and is driven by his strong values and passion for quality building. When introduced to Icynene’s open cell spray foam insulation he new it was the quality product he could build a company with.

Over the years Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia has earned an impeccable reputation as North Georgia’s and Western North Carolina’s Premier, BPI certified “Icynene” Insulation dealer, and every day we strive to extend this reputation by operating with integrity.

You can trust us as to communicate the code requirements along with the latest building science methods needed to install your superior thermal envelope and air-barrier package. We are committed to helping you achieve the greatest return for your investment and live in a quieter, healthier, more energy efficient home. Our “Icynene” applications consistently and dramatically out-perform all requirements put forth by LEED, EarthCraft, NAHB Green Building Standard, and Energy Star.

Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia trained installers meticulously install the Icynene products in attics, walls, basements, and crawls, with a zeal for detail while striving to make sure every job is done right and on time!

We have built strong local affiliations with the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association, Local Home Builders Associations, EarthCraft House, Atlanta Remodelers Council, Green Builders Council, NARI, and the Southern Appalachian Sustainable Building Council.

Over the years Southern Foam & Coating Insulation of North Georgia has repeatedly been asked by leaders in the building industry to install “The Icynene Insulation System ” in their show homes:
• American Heart and Lung Association
• Earthcraft Building Program
• LEED Program
• Atlanta Home Builders Association

Builders Shows
• 2005 and 2010 Southern Living Idea Home
• Weatherford Place Zero Energy Home

Our team looks forward to working with you on your building project!

To contact Carmen, you may email him at or feel free to call 770-297-1881.

For more information on our Gainesville / Atlanta, GA location click the link below:

1643 Calvary Church Rd

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