ICYNENE Classic Max™ (LD-C-50-v2)

Whether an unusual design, a new home or part of an existing home renovation, Icynene spray foam insulation can adhere to most substrates, including steel, wood, concrete, and masonry. Icynene spray foam insulation is effective in any climate to benefit homeowners in energy efficiency, noise reduction, moisture control and improved indoor air quality.

Why Spray Foam Insulation for Homes

Residential spray foam insulation offers your clients an array of immediate and long-term benefits. Impress your clients and show them why to use spray foam insulation in homes and why it’s guaranteed to last. Residential spray foam lets you overcome a number of construction challenges, plus:

  • air seals the entire building envelope
  • can achieve savings up to 50% in heating and cooling through energy efficiency
  • protects against external allergens and pollutants improving air quality
  • protects your projects with advanced moisture management
  • fills in any unique cavity shape, regardless of design or climate
  • supported by the industry’s premier spray foam contractor network

Recognized globally by organizations including the International Code Council Evaluation Service, your clients can be assured as to why use spray foam insulation in homes.

Additionally, our Building Science and Engineering teams can provide you with advice and guidance in residential spray foam applications and which Icynene foam product is best for your builds.

Visually show your clients the benefits of spray foam insulation. This info-graphic explains benefits of residential spray foam vs. traditional insulation types.

Southern Foam & Coating, Inc. has been installing spray foam insulation in many Eastern Southern States since 1999 and would like to announce our new spray foam insulation from Icynene® called ICYNENE Classic Max™ (LD-C-50-v2).

ESR 1826 Report
Data Sheet/Health and Safety
Classic Max Builder Flyer

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